L'Ou com balla Selected 12/2019

Gaullin - Moonlight
PANG! - Don't Speak
Ludvigsson, Jorm - Turn the Tide
Hogland - All Alone
Möwe, Emy Perez - Down By The River (feat. Emy Perez)
KVSH, Malifoo - In Time
Ree - Giving up on Love
Alle Farben, ILIRA - Fading
Marcus Hägg - Fame
XO Cupid, Maya Avedis - True Colors (feat. Maya Avedis)
Lucas Estrada - Way Too Good
Jason Thurell, KRYGA - Young & Reckless
CALVIN - By My Side
Erlandsson - Don´t Wait Up
Alex Schulz, Loé - EASY (feat. Loé)
Vinil, LYE - Run
Dynoro, Gigi D'Agostino - In My Mind
Ree, Nay Shalom - All Night Long
State of Sound - Brighter Day
Theresa Rex, Nightcall - Wild Ones - Nightcall Remix

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